Spark 2021 FAQs

What is Spark?

Spark is a gathering for thought leaders in the multifamily industry. Founded on innovation, inspired by creative business pioneers, and championed by the power to think differently.

Where is Spark?

This year Spark will be completely virtual.

When is Spark?

May 11th, 18th and the 25th

How much does Spark cost?

The conference is our gift to you!

What is included with my registration?

Innovative education + endless fun!

What if I need to cancel?

BUMMER! We’ll miss you! Please let us know in advance if you think you will be unable to attend.

Do I need to come to all three days?

Pick the content that is the most interesting to you and join us when you can!

Should I expect to receive anything?

If you are comfortable providing you home address, you can expect to receive a little something from our team! 

What if I have a question or want to get in contact?

Send an email to: